New fixed height system from Capital Safety won’t leave you hanging!

Capital Safety, the global leader in fall protection equipment, systems and anchors, has created the FlexiGuard™ SafRig™, a fixed height system available with either an outrigger base or a counterweight base for added versatility.

Following success in the US market, Capital Safety has announced that this recent innovation will be coming to the UK and will be available from June. 

For use across a variety of sectors, particularly within transport, the Flexiguard™ SafRig™ replaces the need for expensive fixed overhead anchor systems and counterweights. In keeping with the theme of transport, this product has been designed to offer maximum portability, durability and versatility – in these areas Capital Safety display an impressive level of attention to detail.

Unlike many products of its kind, it is entirely freestanding, and does not require the weight of a vehicle as the anchoring force, allowing the SafRig to be positioned virtually anywhere around the vehicle. Nonetheless, its robust concrete base can withstand the weight of a lorry. Similarly, weighing 839 kg, its lightweight design makes it easy to transport, ideal for use across multiple locations. Furthermore, forklift pockets are strategically included in the design, meaning that it can be picked-up and moved around the jobsite by a forklift with consummate ease.

The 360° rotational boom provides a 1.5m working offset and with a 6 meter anchor height, there is ample room for manoeuvrability, both horizontally and vertically, affording the user maximum mobility to access those hard to reach places.

Despite its versatility, the FlexiGuard™ SafRig™ has also been designed to ensure the safety of the user and meets the most stringent of health and safety regulations, including CE EN 795:2012. Its high-visibility colour offers added security by ensuring the unit is conspicuous to personnel. It provides an overhead tie-off point that can act as a fall protection system with enough capacity for one user or an equivalent of 140 kg, and can be used for workers who have limited space but need a large work area.  

Eric Dupont, Product Manager EMEA for Hard Goods at Capital Safety, said: “This product is driven by our customers’ needs and is dependent on the industry, environment and specific design constraints, including government standards. We aim to ensure the safety of our customers by offering a solution that is extremely durable and built to last with world-class quality, materials and workmanship”.
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